How to create a custom cycling Workout for Zwift

These instrutions are for custom cycling workouts. Click the following link if you are looking for how to create custom running workouts for Zwift instructions.

1. Open Zwift Workout Editor on your browser

Visit and click the button "Open Editor"

[Optional] Set you body and fitness parameters

At the bottom of the page enter you FTP (functional threshold power) and weight. If you don't know your FTP or just leave the default values. Zwift will automatically calibrate your workout to your estimated FTP.

2. Add your workout blocks

There are 4 different blocks or segments you can add to your training session:

  • Z1 to Z5 blocks
  • Warmup and Cooldown blocks
  • Intervals
  • Free Ride

Click on the specific buttons on the bottom bar to add blocks to the workout. You can adjust the duration of the block by resizing it horizontally and adjust the power by resizing it vertically. Click on the block to open a contextual menu at the top. From this menu you can change the order of the block (move left and right), delete the block, duplicate it and set a specific cadence.

[Optional] Text Events

You can add short text messages to your workout. Click on the "Text Event" to add one and click on the bubble to add your message. You can drag your message left and right to set the time of appearence.

3. Save and download your workout

You are ready to save and download your workout. Click Save to set a Title, Description, Tags and Author.

Saving the workout will also save a copy in the cloud so you can retrieve it in the future or share it with your friends.

Click download to save the workout file and import it on Zwift. Follow these instructions on how to import a custom workout on Zwift based on your platform (PC / Mac / Apple TV / iOS)


You can also choose not to create an account. Just edit the form and click Dismiss.

Published on 10/11/2020 by Carlo Schiesaro